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Joey Capeが日本支援活動をスタート

Joey Capeはオフィシャルサイトのショップで3月19日から31日までの売上を日本赤十字社に寄付する活動をスタートされています。

Hey, Joey Cape here.

Just wanted to write a little something of my relationship with Japan over the years and the recent tragedy. There really aren’t words to express my sorrow for the people of Japan but I will say this… I have made so many close Japanese friends after years of touring there. It is, without a doubt, my favorite place to tour. I am thinking of those friends in Japan daily and holding a good thought for them and their loved ones. The Japanese are a strong and resilient people and I know they will recover, especially with the help of others.

Let’s help!

I am donating all proceeds, 100% of my website’s sales from March 19th – 31st to Red Cross Japan. Even a single download will help. http://www.joeycape.com/

Thank you!

And please forward this email to your friends, or let them know via Facebook, Twitter,…

Joey Cape