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The Decline,ニューアルバムのリリースが決定

The Declineは9月23日にニューアルバム「Are You Gonna Eat That?」をPee Recordsからリリースする事が決定したようです。

01. “A Crash Course in Emotional English” – Is about relationships
02. “Shower Time in the Slammer” -Is about relationships
03. “Excuse Me” – Animal Testing
04. “$hit Yeah!!” – Money destroying the world
05. “You Call This A Happy Meal?” – Animal Rights
06. “66B” – Touring and Girlfriends
07. “Human Exports” – Refugees
08. “Rooftops” – Friend that moved away
09. “World Apart II” – Sweatshops
10. “The Financial Equivalent Of A Complete Rectal Exam” – Pinkeye tour with Local Resident Failure!!(Guest Vocals by Chris Duke & The Royals and K-Pax of Local Resident Failure)
11. “2006″ – A friend with depression (Guest vocals by Ashlee of Chris Duke & The Royals)
12. “Addison” – Manager and his baby girl